Bathing in a box

I wanted to try a different way of applying Neugier shampoo.

Likely I had a cute little girl Roxy with me today.   

I bathed her in a clear storage container box.

Reasons why I wanted to try this way 

  1. I wanted to reuse shampoo from the bottom of container to bathe her really good.
  2. I wanted to soak her feet because between paws were all brown from licking. 
  3. I wanted to know how much water get dirty from Neugier shampoo.

After using a storage container box, here is some pros and cons. 

Pros: Great way to soak feet. Easy to apply shampoo on her stomach area. Don't have to worried about shampoo is running out to cover her whole body. Fun to see how much shampoo get the all dirt, oil and debris off. 

cons: Need to find a container that dog fits.  Need to move dog in and out a few time to rinse. 

Over all , I really recommend this way if you have a small dogs because you will get to use all enzymes in the shampoo! 

Hiromi Suzuki