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Neugier shampoo + soft water

We have slicker Brush, Curly Brush, De-shedding Rake, Comb,CottonBalls,Aprons and Towels on site.

DOG WASH   $18


(Enzyme & DeepOceanWater. Soap-free Natural Shampoo)

Nano size enzymes will break down the oil, dirt, yeast, fungus, and kill house dust mites in a few minutes


Extra bottle of shampoo....$3

Flea Shampoo….$3
Extra towel....$1.00
Forced Air Dryer....$3.00 for every 10 minutes
Over time....$5.00 for every 10 minutes (Please read our House Rules)

GET $1 off for

*Bring your own towels
*Bring a doggie friend (new customer)
*On Tue, Wed, Thu
*Start to Finish within 20 minutes

House Rule for

Self Dog Wash Services

*All dogs must be on 6 foot or shorter leash at all the time and under control.
*Pets are not to be left unattended at any time.
*Make sure your pets are secured in the tub before start washing. 
*For the safety of our clients, disruptive/aggressive dogs may be asked to leave, at management’s discretion. You may make an appointment with "Private Dog Wash". 
*We are very welcome to kids join the washing their own dogs, but children 16 years old and younger must be attended by and under the supervision of a parent. Please do not let children pet any other dogs.
*To ensure we can accommodate all our customers needs, we ask you to limit using tub for 1 hour. (Over time fee will be added)

*Self Dog Wash last chick-in 45 minutes before closing.



price - Hair cut+Bath

Small dog $65-80 Medium dog $80-100 Large dog $100-150  

price - Bath

small dog $45-60 Medium dog $60-80 Large $65-130

one on one Grooming 

Our Ultimate goal is to make a happy Environment for everybody.

 most grooming shops are having Multiple dogs at the time, barking is constantly, running cage dryers and using multiple blow dryers. all that loud noise and negative energy are making your pet uncomfortable.

one on one grooming is the best way to reduce grooming stresses.

**This Prices are just a estimate. Additional fee may Apply for matting and other Difficulties.