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Try our new outdoor self dog wash with elevated tubs for easy access

Soft water dog wash to promote healthy skin for your dog! We install NuvoH2O
(NuvoH2O accomplishes this through the use of the same FDA-approved chelation technology utilized by luxury hotels and restaurants across the world. )


Self Dog Wash  

We have several package you can choose

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Skin Care Program

Skin Care program for dogs that suffer from acute or chronic allergies and skin problems. We provide an all-natural skin care, and treatment management system, which offers a variety of options of caring for allergy and skin symptoms dog may be experiencing.

We understand that skin allergies are an autoimmune disorder, and a symptom rather than a cause. The cause is a deeper lying issue that needs to be accessed and determined in order to correct the problem. We encourage our clients to be accessed by a Holistic / Integrative veterinarian and have lab work performed in order to proceed with the skin care program.

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No Appointment needed for self wash services. 


Private Dog Wash

We offer for private use for some of behavior challenge dogs.
(We don't want to label, but it means Shy, Reactive, Aggressive)
We take before/after hours appintment with extra cost
Please contact us for more detail