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We understand skin allergies are an autoimmune disorder and a symptom rather than a cause. The cause is a more rooted lying issue that needs to be accessed and determined to correct the problem. We encourage our clients to be obtained by a veterinarian and have lab work performed to proceed with the skin care programs.

We also understand that prescription medications are sometimes necessary to yeast, fungal, and bacteria infections. However, We are experiencing an integrative way with skin conditions, along with the Neugier Pet Grooming Products, gives a better outcome of healing and maintaining of skin and allergy symptoms. We firmly believe this achievements are consistent and improved long-term results.

When pets have skin issues often required a bath at least once a week or more. We can make you and your pets, EASY+QUICK+ FUN bathing time using Neugier Pet Grooming Products.

Our skin care programs are systematic bathing, it means we'll set the dates for individually after seeing your dog, and discuss which program is  best for you.


Intensive Skin Care

For acute skin problem

Once a week for 4 weeks (4 washes)


Neugier Grooming Lotion at home




Intensive Skin Care Plus

For chronic skin problem

Twice a week for 2 weeks, and once a week for 4 weeks (8 washes)


Neugier Grooming Lotion at home


Intensive Skin Care Platinum

For bacterial infection & chronic skin disease

Twice a week for 4 weeks, And once a week for 4 weeks (12washes)
using both Neugier Pet Shampoo and Neugier Cleansing Shampoo


Neugier Grooming Lotion
at home

*Our canine to five store certified employee will wash your dog together for  the first visit and show you how to use Neugier Pet Grooming Products effectively.

Contact us for more detail!!