Animal Ayurveda Skin Butter

Animal Ayurveda Skin Butter

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The world's oldest traditional medicine "Ayurvedic Approach"

Skin Butter works for:
*Hot Spots
*Red Sores
*Area of alopecia (missing hair)
*Daily care for ears, paws, and wrinkles


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Ingredients : Cassia auriculate extract, Nimes extract, Cardamom extract, Rose extract, Carrot extract, Coconuts oil, Sesame oil

Direction to use : Apply Animal Ayurveda Skin Butter directly to irritation skin areas, wounds or Missing hair(Alopecia) spots 2, 3 times daily.

Note : Animal Ayurveda Skin Butter is concentrated and spreads generously. Need only small amount. The coconuts oil base starts to harden at 77 degrees but this won't affect the quality of this product. Warm the bottle in hand or keep it in pockets to bring back to a liquid state before using