Neugier Pet Shampoo

Neugier Pet Shampoo

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Natural enzymes are gentle on the skin, especially recommended for pets with skin issues, puppies, kittens, seniors and cats

Ingredients:Enzymes{ Bacillus Fermentation Products, Lipase, Protease, Amylase, Anitibacterial Lipopeptid}, Deep Ocean Water

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It is non-alcoholic and there are no added scents, colorants, preservatives, synthetic surfactants or petroleum-based products that may be harmful to pets.

How to make Shampoo *1 quart up to 2 quart (we recommend 1 quart for bad skin) : Need 1 mixing bottle and 100℉ warm water

Put 100℉ warm water in a mixing bottle then add 2.2 oz ( about 1/4cup) shampoo. 

** The effective of temperature on Enzymes are around 100℉