Neugier Pet Shampoo

Neugier Pet Shampoo

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Natural enzymes are gentle on the skin, especially recommended for pets with skin issues, puppies, kittens, seniors and cats

Ingredients:Enzymes{ Bacillus Fermentation Products, Lipase, Protease, Amylase, Anitibacterial Lipopeptid}, Deep Ocean Water

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It is non-alcoholic and there are no added scents, colorants, preservatives, synthetic surfactants or petroleum-based products that may be harmful to pets.

Don’t be surprised!! Neugier Pet Shampoo is foam-free!!!

Preparation of shampoo Need 1 quart or 2 quarts mixing bottle & 100℉ warm water (1quart for skin problem)

  1. Fill mixing bottle with warm water 100℉

  2. Add 2.2 oz (¼ cup) of Neugier shampoo

How to use

  1. Brush or comb to remove excess hair for penetrating

  2. Shower your pet with warm water to throughly wet and warm whole body and face **If your pet has hot spots with scabs, apply Neugier Cleansing Shampoo to remove them

  3. Apply the diluted Neugier shampoo ( if your pet is not having any greasy skin, save some of the shampoo for #6)

  4. Massage

  5. Lightly rinse

  6. Apply Shampoo again as a leave-in conditioner ( if your pet is having greasy skin condition, skip this. Apply Neugier grooming lotion instead)